Automation System

by | May 21, 2018

  1. Is a high technology system that provides advanced management and control of petrol stations. This system offers different types of agreement for petrol station companies by providing them easy management and also control of car fueling by taking an e-mail in real time. E-mail contains filling data and a picture of the car in the petrol station.This process comes from client cards that are in different types.
    For petrol companies this system also offers other services as below:
     1. All transactions that occurring petrol station are transferred in real time to the main server of the petrol company
     2. Our system allows price changing from main office to electronic table in every petrol station of the company
     3. Employees management and sale control in real time.
     4. Litters management in petrol station deposit.
     5. Fuel condition management in trucks.
     6.Fuel condition management in terminal.