Software solutions

Software solutions development to improve business productivity includes different ability and disciplines. Our professional staff in software solutions development works closely with clients to modify existing systems or to create new systems regarding to our client...


 -Workers Uniform  -Working Shoes  -Hotel Decoration –Bed linen/Towel/Curtains/Table covers etc

NFC & Barcode reader

Offers laser scanning with high reading speed and performance. Resistant LCD touch screen ten times stronger than normal. This makes CASIO the perfect device for industry and logistic. This device is easy to keep and protected from damages that may come from falling...

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are used by clients so they can get reward by collecting points, percentage reduction benefits and other rewards that they can get after buying goods and services from different companies. Also this card can be used to register purchase information.

Automation System

Is a high technology system that provides advanced management and control of petrol stations. This system offers different types of agreement for petrol station companies by providing them easy management and also control of car fueling by taking an e-mail in real...